"Play" print
 Nike was concerned that "Play" would dilute their standing with their core - the serious athlete. I designed a "campaign logo" that would appear only on this campaign. This gave Nike freedom to talk to "regular" people and still be Nike. 
 I was very interested in pushing the way the product - the shoe - could be treated. The idea, not shown fully here, was to use extreme cropping in consecutive, concurrent pieces of communication. The consumer would see the entire shoe, but not all at once. And it really fetishized the details on these shoes, which were beautiful, like cars.  Writer: Mike Byrne
nusbtem00143 PeteSamprasSd.jpg
Nike Tennis print
"Presto" launch
NUSCORM01037 Pesto unholy .jpg
nuscorm01037 presto brutal.jpg
nuscorm01037 presto orange.jpg
Shady Milkman
nuscorm01037 presto troubl.jpg
nuscorm01037 PrestoRabidPa.jpg
Nike "Presto" Insert
Nike "Free" launch
Nike Asia: Love, Your Body
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